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  • Insurance Adjuster Bonds & Public Adjuster Bonds Nationwide

    Ameribonds® provides affordable insurance claims adjuster surety bonds, public adjuster bonds, and independent adjuster bonds in all states that require them. Same-day service is available for most adjuster surety bonds.

    Florida public adjuster bonds are as low as $155.83 a year with a multi-year discount applied. North Carolina now requires a $20,000 North Carolina public adjuster bond that is $100 annually. There’s a discount for multiple years and same-day approval for this and most other adjuster bonds, including the new $20,000 Kentucky public adjuster bond (resident), the $10,000 Texas public adjuster bond, the $10,000 New Mexico insurance adjuster bond (independent), the $1,000 Kentucky adjuster bond, as well as the California public adjuster bond and California insurance adjuster bond. Most adjuster bonds do not require a credit check, but when credit is an issue, we are able to provide bonds for those with all types of credit.

    Our friendly staff is familiar with a wide variety of bonding requirements. This is important when choosing an insurance agency that can provide you with the adjuster bond you need.

    To apply for a claims adjuster bond, complete our online application by clicking the button above or by selecting your adjuster bond state to the left. You may also call us or print a PDF application from the application page to complete and fax or email to our agency. The process starts immediately upon receipt of your request. Most bonds are emailed or overnighted at your request.

Ameribonds® offers the lowest adjuster bond rates!

Instant approval and shipping for most bonds. Overnight mail service is available.

Whether your credit is good or not so good, we can place your bond!